Sean Hannity denies pointing gun at Juan Williams on Fox set

first_img FILE – In this March 18, 2016, file photo, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity speaks during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in Phoenix. Hannity denied a CNN report on March 16, 2017, that he pointed a gun at Fox News colleague Juan Williams on the network’s set following an on-air argument between the pair. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri, File) FILE – In this Oct. 21, 2010, file photo, Juan Williams appears on the “Fox & Friends” television program in New York,. Williams said on March 16, 2017, that a reported incident last year involving himself, Sean Hannity and a gun “is being sensationalized.” (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File) CNN reported Thursday that Hannity pointed a gun directly at Williams and turned on the laser sight off-air following a heated segment last year.But Hannity told the New York Daily News that he had been discussing guns and “showed my good friend Juan Williams my unloaded firearm in a professional and safe manner for educational purposes only.”Williams said on Twitter that he and Hannity are “great friends” and the “incident is being sensationalized.” He says “everything was under total control throughout and I never felt like I was put in harm’s way.”Fox News tells the Daily News “no one was put in any danger.”center_img NEW YORK | Sean Hannity says he “never pointed” a gun at Fox News colleague Juan Williams, despite a CNN report to the contrary.last_img read more

Want to avoid the flu while flying? Try a window seat

first_imgNEW YORK | Worried about catching a cold or the flu on an airplane? Get a window seat, and don’t leave it until the flight is over.That’s what some experts have been saying for years, and it’s perhaps the best advice coming out of a new attempt to determine the risks of catching germs on an airplane.It turns out there’s been little research on the risks of catching a cold or flu during air travel. Some experts believed that sitting in a window seat would keep a passenger away from infectious people who may be on the aisle or moving around.The new study, published Monday, came to the same conclusion.For somebody who doesn’t want to get sick, “get in that window seat and don’t move,” the study’s lead researcher, Vicki Stover Hertzberg of Emory University in Atlanta.The study was ambitious: Squads of researchers jetted around the U.S. to test cabin surfaces and air for viruses and to observe how people came into contact with each other.But it also had shortcomings. In a total of 10 flights, they observed only one person coughing. And though the experiment was done during a flu season five years ago, they didn’t find even one of 18 cold and flu viruses they tested for.It’s possible that the researchers were unlucky, in that they were on planes that happened to not have sick people on them, Hertzberg said.The new study was initiated and funded by Boeing Co. The Chicago-based jet manufacturer also recruited one of the researchers, Georgia Tech’s Howard Weiss, and had input in the writing of the results. “But there was no particular pressure to change stuff or orient it one way or the other,” Hertzberg said.The article was released by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The researchers did some mathematical modeling and computer simulations to determine how likely people were to come close to a hypothetical infectious passenger sitting in an aisle seat on the 14th row of a single-aisle airplane. They concluded that on average, only one person on a flight of about 150 passengers would be infected.Researchers who were not involved said it would be difficult to use the relatively small study to make any general conclusions about the risks of an airline passenger getting a cold or flu, let alone other diseases like measles or tuberculosis.But it’s a novel study about a subject that hasn’t been well researched, they said. Studies have looked at how respiratory viruses spread in labs and in homes, but “this is the first time I’ve seen it done for airplanes,” said Seema Lakdawala, a University of Pittsburgh biologist who studies how flu spreads.She and others not involved in the research were intrigued by the study’s findings about how people moved about the cabin and came in contact with each other.It found:—About 38 percent of passengers never left their seat, 38 percent left once, 13 percent left twice, and 11 percent left more than twice.—Not surprisingly, a lot of the people getting up had an aisle seat. About 80 percent of people sitting on the aisle moved at least once during their flights, compared with 62 percent in middle seats and 43 percent in window seats.—The 11 people sitting closest to a person with a cold or flu are at the highest risk. That included two people sitting to their left, the two to their right, and people in the row immediately in front of them and those in the row behind.A lot of frequent fliers will be interested in the study’s results, said Edward Pizzarello, an investor in a Washington-area venture-capital firm who also writes a travel blog .“It’s absolutely a fear I hear from people all the time. They just believe that they’re going to get sick from going on an airplane, or they got sick from being on an airplane,” he said.Pizzarello said he’s an aisle person, because he doesn’t want to feel trapped in the window seat if he needs to get up.Will he now go for the window?Maybe, he said, if a sick person sits next to him.last_img read more

Altar-bound Meghan Markle to leave TV show with a wedding

first_imgNEW YORK | Real life will imitate art this spring at the USA series “Suits” when series regular Meghan Markle bids farewell to the legal drama in a wedding — and then goes off to marry her prince in real life.Show creator and show runner Aaron Korsh has written an on-screen wedding for Markle’s paralegal-turned-lawyer Rachel Zane, who will finally exchange vows during the April 25 season seven finale with her longtime love Mike Ross, played by Patrick Adams. The two have been lovebirds for years and had one previous wedding date collapse.In this file image released by USA Network, Meghan Markle appears in a scene from “Suits.” Real life will imitate art this spring at the USA series “Suits” when series regular Markle bids farewell to the legal drama in a wedding – and then goes off to marry her prince in real life. (Ian Watson/USA Network via AP, File)Both actors will then exit the show, which starts filming season eight this month. The wedding will be a sort of dress rehearsal for Markle’s real one to Prince Harry at Britain’s Windsor Castle on May 19.“I think we had to do this,” said Korsch. “It’s something that we owed and had to do. Obviously, I’m so happy for Meghan in her personal life and that it landed sort of similarly. It just happens.”Korsh said he was thankfully given enough warning that Markle’s real-life romance might trigger changes in her character’s plotline and he didn’t have to scramble to undo anything.“When you start a show, they definitely don’t tell you to anticipate that one of your actors is going to marry a prince. That’s just not in the handbook,” he said. “But a lot of time, these things kind of force you to open up the box and get creative and invite new characters into your world and explore them.”One new character who joins in season eight will be Katherine Heigl, a veteran of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “State of Affairs.” She’ll star alongside regulars Rick Hoffman, Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty. Dule Hill will also become a series regular. There’s also a “Suits” spinoff planned starring Gina Torres, a former series regular.Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on the show, has already texted and emailed Heigl to welcome her. “I think she’s going to fuel a lot of fire for a lot of the characters in the show and there’s going to be a lot of conflict going on,” he said.Macht said it was a bittersweet time for the show with the arrival of a film star to the cast but also the loss of Markle and Adams, two actors from the core ensemble.“Their intelligence and their humor and just the weight that they bring onto set will be sorely missed. It’ll be a new space. It’ll be a new rhythm that we’ll all have to find,” he said. “That brings opportunity for us but it also brings a sense of loss.”Korsh said at least he could give the long-engaged couple a happily-ever-after “in a climactic way, which is very satisfying.”“The good thing is if they didn’t ride off into the sunset together, we would have to break them up and we didn’t want to do that,” he said. “That was one fortuitous thing that happened with them both leaving at the same time: We got to give them a happy ending.”Mark Kennedy is at read more

Jennifer McMahon’s ‘The Invited’ is a powerful novel

first_img“The Invited: a Novel” (Doubleday), by Jennifer McMahonJennifer McMahon again proves that the modern ghost story is more than things that go bump in the night. It hinges on reality, slowly building to a terror that seems real and sometimes personal, as it does in McMahon’s highly entertaining “The Invited.”This cover image released by Doubleday shows “The Invited,” a novel by Jennifer McMahon. (Doubleday via AP)McMahon’s powerful novel supplies a plethora of frights that emerge from believable characters trying to navigate normal lives.Helen and Nate Wetherell have good jobs at an elite private school in Connecticut. He teaches science, she teaches history. They live in a nice condo and try not to live outside their means. But Helen’s ennui is palatable — vanishing only when she volunteers in a “living museum” that recreates life in the mid-1800s for visitors. While happily married, the couple’s life seems set in stone until Helen inherits a large sum of money when her father dies.The opportunity to change their lives is irresistible. They buy 44 heavily wooded acres just outside the small rural village in Vermont on which the avid do-it-yourselfers plan to build their dream home. That the land is believed to be haunted by Hattie Breckenridge who was hanged as a witch on the property in 1924 is a kind of a bonus, especially appealing to the historian in Helen. She doesn’t believe in ghosts, but she does believe in history.Helen may have to rethink her views when strange things happen at the dilapidated trailer on the land where they are staying. Eerie packages are left on the doorstep; items such as cellphones, wallets and money disappear, and what looks like Hattie’s ghost hovers over the land’s bog. These supposedly supernatural happenings may be a way of scaring away the couple because legend has it that Hattie buried treasure on the land. One of the locals who most wants the couple gone is their 14-year-old neighbor, Olive Kissner, whose mother promised to find the treasure before the woman supposedly ran away.McMahon keeps “The Invited” grounded in reality, even when spirits supposedly hover over the land. The Wetherells’ relationship is well designed with the building of their house serving as a metaphor for their marriage — with some construction going smoothly, collapsing at other times. Helen’s embracing their new home’s myths is nicely balanced by Nate’s skepticism. And McMahon doesn’t forget the little details of life. A ghost spotting pales when planning a household budget, especially when you’ve quit your job.last_img read more

Golfnutter: Braveheart

first_imgHe is 34 years old, 5’8″ tall, weighs 11 stone and plays on the PGA Tour.  Last week, at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, he finished with a 14-under total of 274 and a share of fifth place – one shot in front of Englishman and current US Open Champion, Justin Rose.  His name is Erik Compton and he is on his third heart. Compton was nine when he was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy, a condition where the heart muscle is inflamed and unable to pump as hard as it should.  A few years later, when he was 12, a young lady named Jannine was killed when the car she was travelling in was hit from behind.  Compton was given her heart.Erik Compton with father, Peter, in August 2008, three months after the second transplant.Some 15 years later, and playing on the second-tier Nationwide Tour, Compton was home early after missing the cut.  He was out driving when his heart started to expire.  Knowing what was happening, he drove straight to the hospital.  “My heart was working at about 20 percent of normal at that point,” Compton says.  “The question was whether they would be able to find a donor before it shut down completely.” In May 2008, some eight months after he drove into that hospital, a 26-year-old volleyball player died when his motorcycle was hit from behind by a hit-and-run driver.  His name was Isaac Klosterman, and he became Compton’s second heart donor.After graduating from university, Compton turned professional in 2001.  During the next ten years he played on secondary tours such as the Nationwide Tour, the Canadian Tour and the NGA Hooters Tour.  Through sponsor exemptions and local qualifying, he managed some 30 PGA Tour events, making the cut 18 times.  He finally obtained a PGA Tour card in 2012, but failed to retain it by finishing 163 on the money-list.  He then finished T-7 at qualifying school to earn his tour card for 2013, a status he retains today.Erik Compton’s life as a professional golfer is somewhat different to that of the average touring pro.  He can’t do more than three tournaments in a row without becoming exhausted.  His fitness levels are a day-to-day affair.  He has no idea how he will feel, energy-wise, prior to walking on to the tee at the start of each round.  “If I withdrew from every golf tournament I play in when not feeling well, I wouldn’t finish half of them,” he says.  “That’s why I always give it a shot because sometimes I do start to feel better after a few holes.  Some days it gets worse.”It was to be the latter when he agreed to meet Anna King.  Anna, aged 13, was waiting to undergo a heart transplant.  Compton was approached, as he often is, to talk with Anna and tell her what to expect.  “She was in exactly the place I was in when I was 12,” he says.  “I like to talk to people when I can in that situation because I want them to understand where they are going.  It’s a very scary time, but I can tell them first-hand that they are going to be OK.”The plan was for Anna to watch Compton play the first round in the Shell Houston Open, then to sit and chat about her upcoming event.  As he warmed up, he had that feeling he had experienced many times before; he was too sick to play.“On any other day I would have WD’d on the spot, but I couldn’t do it,” he said.  “I had to finish.  I didn’t want Anna to see how badly I felt.  I’m where she wants to go.  I didn’t want that thought to scare her.”He finished the round shooting 80.  Anna King’s Facebook page shows a photo of her with Compton taken soon after his round.  He has his arm around her, grinning as if he couldn’t be feeling better.  “My head,” he said, “felt like it was about to explode.”Compton met his wife, Barbara, whilst waiting for his second heart transplant.  They married in 2008 and had their first child, Petra, a year later.  As Barbara shares her vision of the future, she admits, “There are times when I think about it.  Nothing is guaranteed for any of us day-to-day.  But Erik has a different history than most people.  I want him to see Petra get married.  I want him around a long time.  For now, though, we just enjoy our life.  That’s all we can do.”Compton’s philosophy is similar.  “When I had my first transplant, my father said, ‘You can look at yourself as a victim, or you can look at yourself as lucky.’  I’ve always tried to remember that.”Australian golfer Jason Day met Compton when playing on the Nationwide Tour.  They became friends.  Day is one of the few who really knows just how hard it is for Compton to play well enough to keep his card.“The guy starts the day in pain every single morning,” says Day.  “He doesn’t like to talk about it, but there are days out there when you can see the hurt in his face.  Most of us out here get pissy when we have a runny nose, yet I’ve never heard him complain.  Sometimes I think about what he’s been through and I realise it’s amazing that he’s alive.  To play on the PGA Tour is extremely difficult even if you’re in perfect health.  But when he’s on the golf course, he oozes confidence.  It’s as if he becomes a different guy.”Erik Compton’s performance in finishing T5 in last week’s PGA Tour event may not raise many eyebrows, but it should.  Would he ever win one, the celebrations would be wondrous.Golfnutterlast_img read more

‘Easy Tiger’ wins Thailand Platu National Championship

first_imgThe weekend of August 16-17 saw a keenly sailed battle for the Thailand Platu 25th National Championships, which were held at Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya. Nine teams with 45 experienced Platu crews participated in the annual event with the first day proving difficult due to unpredictable conditions and lack of wind.  Results showed some yachts coming first in earlier races then dead last in the late afternoon legs.  By day’s end the wind had completely lulled leaving the yachts becalmed with a slow crawl around the course on the last race.The victorious ‘Easy Tiger’ crew pose with the Platu National Championship trophy at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Sunday, August 17.The second day by contrast opened with magnificent weather and constant wind, resulting in the teams sailing more competitively.  As the wind freshened so did the tension and adrenaline aboard all the boats, with the mark roundings in particular being challenging and a lot more like navigating a minefield of oncoming boats as they jostled for position.  The finishes were incredibly close with each boat constantly trying to scramble for the extra couple of meters to beat out other yachts. The ‘Easy Tiger’ Team won the Thailand National Platu Championship by one point; headed by Captain Tom Spithill and Skipper Peter Winter and ably supported by the Thai teenage crew from Royal Varuna Yacht Club consisting of Lorenzo Cassio, Miki Romanyk and brothers Bobby and Alex Frefel.  In second place was the Stingray team led by Dylan Whitcraft, also hailing from Royal Varuna Yacht Club.‘Easy Tiger’ prepares for another day at sea battling fellow Platu’s for the national title.Overall line honours went to ‘Kingdom Property’ in first place, followed in second place by ‘Weasel’, ‘Easy Tiger’ third and ‘Stingray’ in fourth.  As the first two boats were crewed with foreign teams they didn’t qualify for the National Award.last_img read more

Triple Crown At Royal Lakeside

first_imgIPGC Pattaya Golf Society at Rabbi’s Elephant BarWednesday, 11th July saw the Pattaya Golf Society travel to the Royal Lakeside golf club to play a stableford competition on the revamped course, which now poses a much more significant challenge to golfers with raised and crowned greens, the addition of extra bunkers and the intrusion of much more water.  The condition of the course was excellent and the weather could not have been better for the field. With little hope of many sub par rounds, as on previous visits, Dave Edwards, Mark West and Alan Walker set the standard with 35 points each for a share of the win.  Mark and Robbie Taylor recorded birdie ‘2’s on the third and twelfth holes respectively.Rabbi’s free beer draw was won by Paul McNally and the Booby Bevy went to Don Nellis for his poor score of the day. Royal Lakeside remains a quality venue at a reasonable price and even the drive there becomes less arduous with time.  The PGS will return in September.Wichai Back at WorkOn Friday, 13th July the Pattaya Golf Society travelled to Greenwood to play a stableford competition on the A and B nines which were in good condition, even though the fairways and greens were due a cut, the recent heavy rains having delayed that vital maintenance.The group were led by Khun Wichai in the absence of Mr Len who was conducting essential visa business and the extra responsibility did not affect his game as he posted 38 points to share the win with Masashi Iizumi, who also came good for the first time this trip.  In third place with 37 points was Fred Land.Wichai completed a fine day with the only birdie ‘2’, on B2, and the Booby Bevy was awarded to Lynn Snashall, playing his first round after taking a combination of five unfortunate shots to pass the red tees on B4.Rabbi’s free beer draw was drawn in favour of Masa Takano.It is good to see Greenwood coming back again after some recent deterioration of the greens and it shall remain a quality venue in future PGS schedules.last_img read more

Granted, Cadell has the round of his life

first_imgPSC golf from The Golf Club Sports BarMonday, August 22, Green Valley – Stableford1st- Grant Cadell (16) 44pts 2nd- Dale Shier (13) 40pts3rd- Peter Hind (19) 39ptsIt was a busy week at the Club with 4 days of glorious golf so let’s get right to it. Shooting 40 Stableford points is great golf and would usually win on any given day.  Imagine the mental turmoil, the gut-wrenching disappointment and utter frustration Dale Shier went through when he discovered Grant Cadell came in with 44 points!  Timing is everything and Shier (I before e except after c) should have saved his 40 for another day.Grant is quite possibly the nicest guy in Pattaya, so we were all actually quite happy to witness his amazing day at Green Valley.  Peter Hind came in 3rd with a highly respectable 39, but the golf is getting good out there once again.  Well played lads!Tuesday, August 23, Siam Old Course – Stableford1st Ian Rippey (10) 39pts2nd Walter Baichle (17) 35pts3rd Paul McNally (4) 32ptsIf you look at the bottom right corner of the PSC website homepage, you will see a poll for the favourite golf course in Pattaya that you can vote on.  There have been over 1,200 votes so far and not surprisingly the Schmidt-Curley redesigned Siam Old Course is on top.  We took advantage of the Tuesday Sports Day rate of 2,250 all in and 4 groups teed off the white tees on the day.Grant Cadell.The talented Mr. Rippey does it again!  The Ripster took full advantage of his local knowledge as a member and blasted away the rest of the field with a 39 on this difficult course.  Well played Ian, nice to have the putter working, isn’t it?Walter Baichle was in fine form as he was last week and beat many of the members who joined in with his handy 35.  Paul “Spike” McNally also got the members’ bounce with 32 points on the card to place third.Siam is a class act and you should spoil yourself once or twice a year and play this gem of a course and see for yourself why it got so many of the votes!Wednesday, August 24, Bangpra – Monthly Medal1st Alex Tregurtha (17) net 712nd Henry O’Brian (19) net 733rd Larry Maxey (19) net 76Off to the monkey course once again for the August Monthly Medal sponsored by Pattaya Pizza.  This is now one of the best courses Pattaya has to offer and is a must play for the golfing visitor on his tour.  Bangpra is probably as well known for the splendid Japanese toilets as her lightning fast greens.Ian Rippey & wife Mam.The Bob (of the Seamless variety) admitted to having  four “3-putt” and two “4-putt” greens on the day to make sure he would not be taking the Antigua shirt home on this trip.  Not only are the greens super quick, but they are a tricky read as well.Alex Tregurtha had no problem reading those greens (or he should have gotten that caddy number for next time!) and blew away the field with his fine 71 before leaving for the airport.  See you next time mate, we owe you a Monthly Medal winner shirt!  By the way, we have a new batch of our semi-famous Antigua super cool and dry golf shirts in sky blue, orchid, red and lots of new colours and now all sizes, so come by the club and check it out.Just missing out was Scotsman Henry O with a sobering 73 and another guy heading back to work, Larry Maxey with a net 76 to capture 3rd place.  Next month we will play the Monthly Medal at Mountain Shadow.Friday, August 26, Greenwood – Stableford1st Steve Ellison (17) 38pts2nd Wayne Lee (13) 36pts3rd Brad Gearic (13) 29ptsWe have been sooo lucky dodging the rain for the past few weeks it is amazing.  Just a short burst for 2 minutes on the third hole was all that came down for the day.  We did not bother with ‘lift, clean and place’ and it turned out to be the correct decision.We were also lucky to draw the C and B courses on the day.  It has been years since I have played C and it was magnificent.  Steve Ellison and Wayne Lee finished that 9 all even at 21 points, so it was off to B to close the deal.For once, the putter was fully charged and working fine for this scribe who ended up with 38 points –  the best play in ages!  Greenwood was in excellent shape, super lush and maybe the best greens in Pattaya, but then I would think that, wouldn’t I?  As it turned out, the physical advantage of having a cart for the muggy day made the difference but it still came down to the last couple of holes.Wayne Lee played great golf all day and had some booming drives that were 50 yards ahead of us to finish up with 36 points.  Brad “the pilot” Gearic found his 29 points were just enough for his 3rd place finish.  All in all a great day of golf with some great guys.  That’s what it’s all about.Thanks to all for participating in this week’s fixtures, and don’t forget to check us out on  facebook /golfclubpattaya for updates and the September golf schedule..Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro, off Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana junction. We can be reached on 085 434 3377 or and our is read more

Tony’s team hit the mark on Aussie Bowls Day

first_imgSunday the 3rd of January was declared an Aussie Lawn Bowling Day at Coco Club and the Antipodeans did not disappoint with a 30 player turnout, nicely made up to 32 with the addition of the Chief Inspector of Police and his wife from Chachoengsao.  So the foursomes started at 11.00 a.m. and after 18 ends and 2 hours of play the highest score came from Tony’s team on rink one for a small cash prize, followed by John’s team on rink two.Players pose for a group photo on Aussie Lawn Bowling Day.A buffet was laid on by Sue and a fun raffle so everyone went home with a memento and that completed the morning session.  In the afternoon two further groups arrived to complete a near 50 player event on the day.  Everyone played in good spirit and there were no disputes, so well done to all. New players always welcome at Coco Club. Call Sue on 087 135 8357 for more details.last_img read more

Brown puts local knowledge to good use

first_img3rd Stuart Brown (9) 36ptsOn our last visit here the A-nine was well below what we have come to expect, but what a difference a few weeks make as today it was back to its best again, clearly, a bit of maintenance had taken place. The weather was fine with blue skies and a nice breeze blowing.Robby Watts began a new week in fine style with an excellent round of thirty-nine points. Tony Robbins is finding some good consistency with a round of thirty-eight in second place – surely a cut in handicap is not far away. Stuart Brown took third with thirty-six, he also snagged a brace of near pins and almost had a third, the remaining two went to Robby Watts and Michael Brett. A disaster for Jimmy Carr as he lost all three sixes for the second day in a rowWednesday, July 24, Green Valley – Stableford1st Stuart Brown (8) 41pts2nd Michael Brett (15) 39pts3rd Les Cobban (7) 38ptsChris Delamare.Green Valley is now back to its best again and uncrowded so a nice quick round today. Home course advantage was again evident with Stuart Brown, a club member taking first place with forty-one points. This is the third time in a row that Stuart has won playing with the Bunker Boys on his home course. Second place went to Michael Brett on thirty-nine points, and third to Les Cobban on thirty-eight.Near pins went to Rocky Ishikawa, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett.Friday, July 26,Royal Lakeside – Stableford1st Chris Delamare (1) 34pts2nd Jimmy Carr (14) 33pts3rd Robby Watts (8) 32ptsIt made a pleasant change to visit a course in superb condition, although Royal Lakeside was a bit damp in places so we decided to apply the ‘pick, clean, and place’ rule.This was the quietest we have ever seen the course although we believe there was another two-ball out there somewhere. Scoring was mediocre with Chris Delamare taking first place with thirty-four points, Jimmy Carr was second on thirty-three, and Robby Watts brought up the rear with thirty-two points.Robby took one near pin and Chris three. PSC Golf from the Bunker BoysMonday, July 22, Pattana C & A – Stableford1st Robby Watts (9) 39pts2nd Tony Robins (23) 38ptslast_img read more