Georgetown needs a Mayor with integrity

first_imgDear Editor,The real problem Georgetown has faced for some time, and continues to face now, is the need for a competent, qualified and forward thinking Mayor to lead our capital. They have not had one for decades and still do not have one.Thankfully, with the recent renewal of the local government democratic process, we no longer have to wait for twenty one years for a new Mayor or City Council. In fact we only have to wait another eight months to elect a new Mayor and another two years and eight months to elect a new City Council.Being a mayor under our local government rules and regulations is not an easy job, as he or she does not have the influence and authority of a business CEO and therefore it oftentimes takes more persuasion skills than decision skills to run our capital city.Georgetown does not need a mayor who is merely a caretaker, where not much changes and nothing else is really expected of him or her. It does not need a Mayor who is just about finesse travelling constantly around the world without achieving anything substantial, or just meeting persons and shaking hands and having photo ops. Instead we need someone with the ability to envision the future, to provide direction.Our present Mayor does not have good communication skills, which are necessary, especially the ability to listen to the views of other Councillors. Our Mayor must be able to sell his or her programme, not bully people into accepting something like the parking meter deal. A mayor must listen to his or her constituents and make them feel that they have been heard. People want their Mayor to care about their problems and their vision as well. Not just have a Mayor driving around in a fancy SUV surrounded by bodyguards and other staffers.Our present Mayor lacks the ability to inspire others. A good mayor inspires others. People want to get involved and be a part of the effort. One thing that good Mayors do is start with a successful project and then build on it. In Georgetown it is the reverse where our Mayor started with a controversial project.Georgetown needs a Mayor with integrity. Our Mayor is mired in accusations of nepotism, with claims that her relatives are given cleaning contracts of the cemetery and elsewhere and other forms of employment within the Council. A mayor without integrity is not deserving of the public trust.But most of all, a good leader needs to know when it is time to move on, unlike the former Mayor who hung on for twenty one long years. I hope this Mayor will move on when her year in office is completed to make way for someone else, such as Sherod Duncan who is a qualified, honest, competent and caring for the needs of the citizens.Yours sincerely,Debra Gibsonlast_img

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