Outburst by Pandit Tillack completely ridiculous

first_imgDear Editor,The outburst by Pandit Tillack at the annual prayer ceremony during the commencement of Amerindian Heritage Month, was ridiculous and without merit. It has brought great pain to the undersigned and, in my opinion, to the Government, the Inter-Religious Organisation of Guyana and the entire nation. It was most humiliating to Guyana’s first peoples; our Indigenous brothers and sisters, men and women of great repute, social standing and patriotism, for them to face such molestation by someone who considers himself to be a Pandit.A Pandit is supposed to be a wise man; a learned man; a scholarly person; an educated person; a person that serves as an example and leader in the community.To have uttered such molestation to these honoured citizens of this country in the presence of no other that his Excellency, the President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, the First Lady, the Diplomats and the citizens, truly was a moment of shame on his behalf.To the elegant Non-Governmental Organisations to which Pandit Tillack belongs, he has placed them in a negative light and therefore in my opinion, should not carry any portfolio or appointment of dignity. I believe these institutions of service and unity should create internal tribunals or trial committees for person committing such infractions to state their cases, be suspended, terminated or provided the chance to withdraw honourably or apologise depending on the severity of the matter.I wish to state also, that the fact he would make such ludicrous comments on a matter of great excitement, such as the discovery of vast deposits of oil and gas in our country. It is known that this discovery will lead to the upliftment of the standard of living of our people and our country as well as providing international recognition. To the opinion of this writer, his remarks displayed a lack of intelligence and wisdom that is expected from a Pandit.It is my personal opinion that such individuals need to be prevented from representing multi-faith organisations and peace institutions of this country.Once again, as a citizen of this country, a patriot who loves dearly all peoples and all religions, I offer a humble apology to the administrators of the indigenous organisations, and to the Indigenous brothers and sisters of our country and all persons who felt offended.It would appear to me personally that this was a calculated move to humiliate the President and Government; Exxon Mobil and the Amerindians of Guyana. I wish to state from my experience with Pandit Tillack, he likes to molest his hosts at their various functions. I have seen him molest open minded Christians at their churches. At one church, where I sat and made a presentation, I used the opportunity to bolster and encourage the great works of that Christian organisation and church. I saw him do similar, more than once at an Islamic function. He always quotes an unknown temple and organisation, using them to represent a national multi-faith institution and at times, a major Peace Institution in Guyana.Such persons with such cantankerous personalities should not be allowed to speak or pray at any event. It is my opinion that if such persons are representing a Muslim, Christian or Hindu organisation, the prayer or message should be vetted by the senior member of such organisations.Sincerely,Haji Roshan Khanlast_img

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