Grady And Blue Cross At Odds Over Reimbursement Rates

first_img For Whom The Bell Rings Add to My List In My List A contract dispute between Atlanta’s largest safety net hospital, Grady Memorial, and the state’s largest health insurer threatens to increase patient bills.It comes as Grady is trying to appeal to more privately insured patients.Grady CEO John Haupert says Blue Cross Blue Shield has been underpaying them for years and it’s becoming a bigger issue as the hospital treats more of Blue Cross’ patients. “Commercial insurance isn’t a tremendous part of the business and in years gone by Grady didn’t negotiate aggressively enough but we have begun to see growth in insured volumes and what we expect is that we get paid competitively,” said Haupert.Grady and Blue Cross have until Nov. 25th to reach a deal. If they don’t, Blue Cross customers will have to pay higher out-of-network costs to use the hospital’s facilities.Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia CEO Morgan Kendrick denies underpaying Grady.“We want to pay them fairly and that’s what we believe we do and we’ve offered renewal contract terms that we believe take that to another level in fact so I’m optimistic that certainly we can come to terms on something,” said Kendrick.Right now, only 11 percent of Grady’s patients are privately insured. To stabilize the hospital’s long-term finances, Haupert says he’d like to see that number nearly doubled by 2020.  Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility Share ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Party Related Storieslast_img

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