Tiny Robot newss 300 Miles in Two Weeks

first_imgWhat did you do over the last fortnight? Stuff yourself with food? Buy some stuff at a mall? Panasonic’s tiny Mr. Evolta robot mascot walked 317 miles. Now I’m not saying that Mr. Evolta is better than you, but let’s face it, he probably is.The little green and white ‘bot traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto along Japan’s ancient Tokaido high road, carrying 12 AA batteries in a wagon behind him. Some humanoid Panasonic employees followed along side him, offering up infrared signals to help him along his way.AdChoices广告Mr. Evolta peaked out at a top speed of 2-3 mph, but managed to finish the route ahead of schedule, rolling past crowds of enthusiastic onlookers along the way. Check out a (Japanese) video of the adorable little publicity stunt, after the jump.last_img