Where is my Nexus 7

first_imgUpdate: Google has just announced that the pre-order tablets will be shipping today on the Google Play page on Google+. There’s still no word as to when the tablets will be available for sale in retail stores, but it is pretty safe to say that one day next week will be the day those tablets become available. Several GameStop locations have informed consumers that the tablets they have in stock are strictly for pre-order, but that statement doesn’t tie up with posts from users who have been able to purchase them in other GameStop locations.I am no stranger to ordering things on the Internet. As a chip wielding member of the Amazon Prime addicts club, I know full well that I suffer from this expectation that when I order something it will arrive the next day. But there are still things that won’t arrive the next day, and I think I have come to terms with that. In fact, when I pre-ordered the Google Nexus 7 after a brutal assault on my keyboard caused by refreshing the order page I was told it was going to be a little while. On stage, we were told to expect the tablet to start shipping the middle of July. We’re not quite at the exact middle of the month yet, but reports are rolling in that make me wonder why it is I bothered to pre-order in the first place.Those reports come from all over the US as Google’s retail partners are receiving units to sell “soon”. Everyone from Sam’s Club to GameStop have been accepting shipments of five Nexus 7 tablets that they must hide away. In most cases, the register won’t allow the store to sell the unit, claiming that they are not supposed to be available yet. This hasn’t stopped people from trying, in some cases shoppers have had the Nexus 7 box in their hands already when the employee realizes that a mistake has been made. Google has clearly made sure that the Nexus 7 will be available all over the place, but nobody seems to have a clear date as to when exactly that is.What about my pre-order? I paid extra for shipping to make sure it reached me as quickly as possible only to discover that I could drive half a mile to my local GameStop and pick one up? Will my tablet arrive before the stores are allowed to sell them? So far, it seems like the only one available in retail stores is the 16GB model, and none of the retail associates have mentioned anything about a $25 Google Play Store credit on those tablets. If that remains true, then those who pre-ordered still get something for our trouble, but we have nothing to go on. When you call Google support for any kind of answers, you get told that the tablet is shipping “very soon” but no actual concrete information.So, it appears that nobody actually knows what is going on. The retail partners aren’t sure when they are allowed to sell them. Google doesn’t seem to know when they will be shipping out, and all of the social networks are filled with consumers who have no idea where their purchase is. At this time there’s been no official statement from Google, other than a reminder us that the original announcement said it would be the middle of July before the devices shipped. Curiously, we were also told during that same Keynote that Android 4.1 source and the Android 4.1 update for the Galaxy Nexus would come out in the middle of July.I’d like to point out that Android 4.1.1 source is live and my GSM Galaxy Nexus is running Android 4.1.1.last_img read more