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first_img “Dominic Prince and the Semester Abroad, Part 1 of 6. Dominic Price is a college-age kid who just wants to spend the semester making out with his boyfriend, Taylor, in between rounds of TurboLight Fighter and maintaining a solidly passable 3.2 GPA. His mom, Octavia, formerly a badass action-movie-quality bounty hunter, didn’t pay his tuition because she had to get back in the business and spend 40K on black market weapons and body armor. And she’s bringing Dominic with her, because the alternative is making lattes for a semester, and he’d rather die. Good thing in mom’s line of work, dying is an option.”ASSASSINISTAS #1(W): Tini Howard (A): Gilbert Hernandez (C): Rob Davis (L): Aditya BidikarBlack Crown is making sure everyone know that they’re here to stay. Black Crown has lined-up some massive strong titles including, the mind-blowing Kid Lobotomy and their remarkable magazine Black Crown Quartley. Assassinistas #1, created by Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez with Rob Davis on colors and Aditya Bidikar on letters, is next in their artillery geared to pack a punch and leaves you wanting more of this new trio of assassins.via Black Crown / IDWBased off a short story she had written years ago called “Heartbeats,” (found on her Patreon) Tini Howard’s narrative immediately puts you in the mindset of the 70s exploitation films era. With a little blaxploitation thrown into the mix. She does an utterly fantastic job in combining the essence of those films with her twists centering around family, secrets and the past.Assassinistas #1 excels in Howard’s characters dynamics and her skill to bring her characters to life. Howard doesn’t give you a huge character backstory within her first issue. Instead, she tells you who these characters are in strokes. She weaves the past into the present to show Octavia’s story, from who she was then to who she was now. The simple life of Octavia has now is not WHO she wants to be. She lived a life of Assassinistas, as many people can smoothly go from that to a simpler life, she can’t. Octavia’s experience is different in a lot of ways from her sons, and this is the heart. Howard, again, tells the story of a family. At the heart of Assassinistas, the different yet struggled relationship between Octavia and her son Dominic.via Black Crown / IDWGilbert Hernandez’s art fuses together in bliss with this Howards’s narrative. Hernandez brings in a cartoonish mod-style of art for Assassinistas that look very 60s. However, you can tell how much Hernandez carried his punk rock 70s aesthetic over to the comic. Hernandez is a master of giving characters their exclusively unique look and personality. He separates them, so you’ll never see the same face twice.Hernandez’s mod-style works side by side with Rob Davis on colors. Davis colors distinguish the mood from Octavia’s colorful and exciting time with the Assassinistas to her mundane and dull life in the present. He creates an atmosphere of where Octavia is within time and her feelings about it. You can see it on her face with Hernandez’s art, but you can feel it with Davis’ colors.via Black Crown / IDWAditya Bidikar is slowly becoming my favorite letterer in comics. He compliments not only the script but the artist as well. His placement within Assassinistas #1 enhances the story, leaving you open space to take a breather as you digest the information. Some of the placements I enjoyed were when Dominic and his boyfriend Taylor are talking or the crossover into panels to relay a telephone conversation instead of keeping it in the panels. Bidikar thinks outside the box to create a reading experience for you that’s like no other letterer.Assassinistas #1 is another comic that sets Black Crown on the map. Howard is set to captivate you with her enthralling characters, engaging storytelling and overall badass attitude. This team will blow you away with what they have in store next. Assassinistas #1 is now available on Comixology and in print. 12/20/17 Releases – In addition to Assassinistas #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Fence #2 by C.S Pacat (W), Johanna the Mad (A), Joana Lafuente (L) BOOM! BoxKong on the Planet of the Apes #2 by Ryan Ferrier (W) Carlos Magno (A), Alex Guimaraes (C), Mike Huddleston (CA) BOOM!Curse Words Holiday Special #1 by Charles Soule (W), Mike Norton (A) Image ComicsLazaretto #4 by Clay McLeod Chapman (W) Jey Levang (A), Ignacio Valicenti (CA) BOOM!Tank Girl: The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #2 by Alan C. Martin (W), Brett Parson (A) Titan ComicsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 Stay on targetlast_img read more