Feisty Democratic debate puts spotlight on Clinton and Sanders

first_imgUncategorizedFeisty Democratic debate puts spotlight on Clinton and SandersOctober 13, 2015 by Jessica Taylor, NPR News Share:Democratic presidential candidates from left, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee take the stage for the CNN Democratic presidential debate. (Photo by John Locher/AP)This post was updated at 11:15 p.m. After two rollicking Republican debates, the Democrats’ first face-off delivered punches but was policy-focused and far more civil.Compared to the crowded GOP debates, the stage this evening in Las Vegas seemed bare. Just five Democrats faced off: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee.Clinton was pressed early on about her late-decisions to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and the Keystone pipeline. Meanwhile, Sanders — who’s wowed huge crowds with his calls for economic equality — saw his weaknesses exposed on guns and foreign policy.Overall, both held their own though and neither suffered a misstep. Clinton came out strong early on, reminding voters about the historic nature of her candidacy, embracing her gender in a way she was hesitant to do eight years ago.Sanders shone when passionately talking about economic inequality and why he’s a Democratic socialist and even gave Clinton some cover on defending her on her email server.O’Malley pressed Sanders on gun control and Clinton on Wall Street reforms, but the focus — and most of the speaking time — went to the top two candidates.Both Webb and Chafee struggled — Webb spent most of the time complaining he wasn’t getting enough time and Chafee — who spoke for just nine minutes during the two hour debate — tried to lob some hits at Clinton but faced scrutiny over his own Senate voting record and past as a Republican.Our live-blog of the debate is below.10:55 p.m. Thankfully, there are no fluff, “fun” questions for the final question in the debate. Instead, CNN asks what enemy they’re most proud of making. For Chafee, it’s the coal lobby. O’Malley emphatically says it’s the NRA. Clinton ticks off insurance companies and the Iranians before smiling and saying the Republicans. Sanders says Wall Street and pharmaceutical industries. Webb, with a sly smile, says the Vietnam soldier who threw a grenade who injured him, but “he’s not around anymore.”10:46 p.m. Here’s one thing Clinton says she isn’t ready to take a position on — marijuana legalization, though she supports medial marijuana. Sanders says he would vote yes on legalization that’s on the ballot in Nevada.10:44 p.m Democrats also sound in one accord in calling for paid family leave. Clinton knocks down GOP arguments that imposing such requirements would be big government, and gets big applause when she says Republicans are ok with big government when it means taking away Planned Parenthood funding and abortion restrictions. Sanders also has a passionate defense of the issue, saying that the U.S. should join other developed countries in providing it.10:36 p.m. One of the toughest things for Clinton this election cycle is how to argue she’s a fresh face in an election cycle where the electorate is clamoring for outsiders. She reiterates the historical nature of her candidacy: “I can’t think of anything more outsider than being the first woman president,” and says “I’m certainly not campaigning to be president because my last name is Clinton.” Sanders reminds voters he’s not taking any corporate money and doesn’t have a super-PAC, making him the true outsider in the race.10:23 p.m. Sanders sounds a lot like Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul on the NSA, saying he doesn’t believe the government should be collecting phone call and email data — he also voted against Patriot Act renewal.On Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, both Clinton and O’Malley say he should face prosecution, but Sanders says he provided a valuable role in alerting to NSA spying. Chafee sounds the most liberal on Snowden though, saying he should be allowed to come home and shouldn’t face prosecution.10:19 p.m. Democrats mostly in lockstep in pushing for immigration reform and allowing illegal immigrants to receive Obamacare. Clinton sounds like she’s in general election mode though, noting the difference in tone from Republicans in their debates.10:09 p.m. Neither Webb nor Chafee are doing themselves any favors tonight as to why they should even be on the debate stage. Webb keeps using much of his time to argue that he hasn’t gotten enough time.And Chafee has a damaging comment when pressed as to why he voted against banking regulations — says he had just gotten to the Senate after being appointed after his dad’s death and didn’t understand it. Not helping his case at all.9:58 p.m. On the economy, both Sanders and O’Malley try to draw distinctions on Wall Street reform by hitting Clinton — she’s literally facing it from both sides as she’s sandwiched between them. O’Malley says why he didn’t endorse Clinton again — he wants to reinstate Glass-Stegall Act – which would break up many Wall Street banks. Sanders, too, takes a much tougher tone on Wall Street reform — “We have got to break them up!” This is his bread and butter, and it shows.9:49 p.m. It took 45 minutes for Clinton’s email scandal to come up, and she has new ammunition thanks to GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s slip suggesting that the Benghazi House Committee was for partisan gain. “What I did was allowed by the State Department, but it wasn’t he best choice.Sanders, in a surprise move and with perhaps the line of the night, has Clinton’s back and says we should move on from the issue. “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!” Clinton smiles and they shake hands, and he gets huge applause and a standing ovation. Chafee doesn’t agree and reiterates it’s a question of credibility.9:40 p.m. Beat up on Bernie night continues when Anderson asks Webb — the only veteran on stage — whether or not Sanders should be disqualified as being commander in chief because he asked for conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War. Webb demures, but Sanders’ argument is that he’s changed since then — “I’m not a pacifist….I am prepared to take this country to war.”9:37 p.m. Sanders shines when he’s talking about economic policy, but he’s struggling on foreign policy tonight. He doesn’t look comfortable at all when discussing it and whether or not Clinton should have seen the Benghazi attack coming.9:31 p.m. When O’Malley joins in criticizing Clinton over her Iraq war vote, here’s her sharp retort: “I was very pleased when Governor O’Malley endorsed me in 2008.”9:25 p.m. It’s Chafee — the former Republican — who’s trying to score points by going after Clinton. On foreign policy, he is trying to position himself to her left, especially on the Iraq war. Reiterating that he was the only Republican to vote against the Iraq war, he again says Clinton should be disqualified for her vote to authorize the war: “There was no real evidence of WMD in Iraq. I know because I did my homework.”But Clinton has a good retort — she was criticized by Obama the same way in 2008, but he turned around and picked her as his secretary of state.9:18 p.m. When the debate turns to gun control, it’s evident just how much of a problem this is for Sanders. He tries to explain why he voted against allowing lawsuits for gun manufacturers and against the Brady Bill. But it’s Clinton who perhaps lands the best shot, not missing a beat when jumping in that Sanders isn’t tough enough on guns. “I was in the Senate at the same time and I voted no. It wasn’t that complicated.” O’Malley joins in in criticizing Sanders — he probably has most progressive policy on guns.It’s gang-up on Sanders time on guns – he responds by saying rural America (like Vermont which he represents) and that there needs to be consensus and not shouting. His one ally is Webb, who’s been conservative on guns and says people should have a right to defend themselves. Webb is far more conservative than Sanders on guns, though.9:06 p.m. Sanders is also pressed on his Achilles heel — whether or not a self-described socialist can win a national election (which polling shows can’t happen.” He says he only needs to define what a socialist is — that it’s “immoral and wrong” that the vast majority of wealth is concentrated at the top earners.CNN also puts the question to other candidates — no one raises their hand that they’re also a socialist, but Clinton uses it to point to the success of small businesses as critical to a capitalistic society.9:03 p.m. First out of the gate, CNN debate moderator Anderson Cooper goes there, asking Clinton, “Will you say anything to get elected?” when pressing her on her positions on gay marriage, TPP and the Keystone pipeline.Clinton says the trade deal — which she once advocated for at State — has changed since she called it the gold standard.And here’s another example of the influence Sanders has on the race — when asked if she is a progressive or a moderate, Clinton replies, “I’m a progressive, but I’m a progressive who likes to get things done.” You can’t imagine her embracing that eight years ago.8:58 p.m. Clinton’s opening statement reflects the softer tone her campaign is trying to underscore — and is very different than her 2008 debates. She points to her granddaughter Charlotte but also recalls her own grandparents and how her mother struggled. Her declaration that “it’s about time we had paid family leave for American families and joined the rest of the world” gets big applause. As does her hope that fathers can tell their daughters that “Yes, you can grow up to be president.” She’s embracing her gender in a way she didn’t eight years ago.8:56 p.m. Sanders’s opening statement — in which he was almost yelling — sticks closely to his stump speech and hits some of his most popular points– decrying money in politics, warning of climate changing and pushing for economic equality.8:54 p.m. O’Malley is presenting himself as a happy populist. He’s not blaming President Obama for the continued economic woes, saying, “We elected a president not a magician.”8:50 p.m. Webb’s most noticeable point is that he asserts he was one of the first to push for a pivot to Asia — currently on of President Obama’s top foreign policy pushes. He also ticked off his children — and almost forgot one of his daughters.8:48 p.m. After many commercials and pre-game analysis, the debate finally begins. Chafee is first out of the gate with his opening statement, saying he’s the only one who’s been a mayor, governor and senator.But then, he throws down a burn — “I’m proud that in over 30 years in public life, I have had no scandals” — a very not-subtle jab at Clinton and her husband’s tenure in the White House.Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.Read Original Article – Published OCTOBER 13, 2015 8:37 PM ETFeisty Democratic Debate Puts Spotlight On Clinton And SandersShare this story:last_img read more

Pharmalot, Pharmalittle: Galena CEO abruptly resigns shortly after probe is disclosed

first_img Ed Silverman What’s included? @Pharmalot Pharmalot, Pharmalittle: Galena CEO abruptly resigns shortly after probe is disclosed Log In | Learn More By Ed Silverman Feb. 2, 2017 Reprints Unlock this article by subscribing to STAT+ and enjoy your first 30 days free! GET STARTED About the Author Reprints What is it? Alex Hogan/STATcenter_img Daily reporting and analysis The most comprehensive industry coverage from a powerhouse team of reporters Subscriber-only newsletters Daily newsletters to brief you on the most important industry news of the day STAT+ Conversations Weekly opportunities to engage with our reporters and leading industry experts in live video conversations Exclusive industry events Premium access to subscriber-only networking events around the country The best reporters in the industry The most trusted and well-connected newsroom in the health care industry And much more Exclusive interviews with industry leaders, profiles, and premium tools, like our CRISPR Trackr. Pharmalot Columnist, Senior Writer Ed covers the pharmaceutical industry. [email protected] GET STARTED Pharmalot STAT+ is STAT’s premium subscription service for in-depth biotech, pharma, policy, and life science coverage and analysis. Our award-winning team covers news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science breakthroughs and clinical trial results, and health care disruption in Silicon Valley and beyond. Rise and shine, everyone, and how are you today? Puffy gray clouds are hovering over the Pharmalot campus, where the official mascots are happily snoozing and the shortest of short people has left for the local schoolhouse. As for us, we are considering our to-do list and brewing a needed cup of stimulation, since we anticipate another busy day. No doubt, you can relate. So time to get cracking. Here are some items of interest to get you started. Have a wonderful day and drop us a line when something interesting arises …Galena Biopharma chief executive Mark Schwartz abruptly stepped down as chief executive and president — and resigned his seat on the board — on Tuesday, although no reason was given. The move, however, comes shortly after the biotech disclosed a criminal investigation by the US attorney’s office in New Jersey and the US Department of Justice into marketing of its Abstral painkiller. Schwartz had headed the company since 2014. Tags opioidspharmaceuticalsSTAT+last_img read more

Introducing the 2019 LaoisToday Minor football Team of the Year

first_imgHome Sport GAA Introducing the 2019 LaoisToday Minor football Team of the Year SportGAAGaelic Football Pinterest Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Introducing the 2019 LaoisToday Minor football Team of the Year Electric Picnic WhatsApp The Minor Football Championship came to a conclusion back in October as Emo-Courtwood defeated Ballyroan-Abbey to claim the cup.Ballyroan-Abbey were going for two in a row after ending a 47 year wait for minor glory in 2018.The sides met in Round 1 of the championship with Ballyroan-Abbey winning comfortably – scoring seven goals.But there was a dramatic turn around in the final with Emo-Courtwood winning 2-13 to 2-12 in the end.And they became just the fourth ever winners of this competition with the second time that they have won it following St Paul’s/The Rock’s triumph in 2017. Emo-Courtwood lead the way on our Team of the Year with eight spots while defeated finalists Ballyroan-Abbey have three.A total of four clubs are represented and you can check it out below:1 – Sam Krebs (Courtwood)Sam Krebs pictured middle after the Minor 2019 final.Krebs stole the show in goals in this years Minor final making an outstanding penalty save along with countless other vital stops to help Emo – Courtwood to victory.He is minor again next year and should find himself as the number one.2 – Eddie Critchley (Portlaoise)Eddie Critchley (Number 8) with his Portlaoise team matesThis versatile defender operated mainly at centre back for Portlaoise in their Minor campaign which came to an end at the semi-final stage.They did bag a league title along the way though with a win over Park-Ratheniska-Spink.3 – Tommy Keegan (Emo)The Emo Captain operated at full back in the Minor final and had an outstanding performance.He is a really sticky player who performed well throughout the championship.4 – Nathan Little (Courtwood)Nathan Little and Paul OFlynnThe versatile player can play anywhere around the defence and midfield, operated at centre back in this year’s county final and was excellent throughout.Another one on the Courtwood production line who will give them a boost at senior level in 2020.5 – Kevin Swayne (Portlaoise)Kevin Swayne (right)A player capable of playing in half back and forward lines along with midfield, Swayne was another important member of the Portlaoise team who reached the semi final.He also performed well for the Laois minors this year too.6 – Sean Greene (Emo)Man of the match Sean Greene with Laois PRO Pat O’SullivanEmo’s Sean Greene played midfield in this years Minor final and was instrumental to the team throughout the year.The Laois minor captain, he later went on to win the man of the match award in the U-20 football final which Courtwood-Emo won.7 – Shaun Fitzpatrick (Ballyroan-Abbey)The Ballyroan-Abbey half back was named in this team last year and still has another full year of minor.He was a good performer for the Ballyroan-Abbey side who narrowly missed out on back-to-back titles this year.8 – Tom Fennelly (Emo)Tom Fennelly, second on the leftThe Minor final Man of the Match and a brilliant player for Emo-Courtwood throughout the season, Tom Fennelly is well deserving of his place here.A fine hurler too, he is minor again next year and will add something to both county squads in 2020.9 – James McWey (Ballyroan-Abbey)James McWey, rightThe imposing midfielder was the Ballyroan-Abbey captain and free taker in the final.He was one of their main scorers throughout the competition and has incredible pace too.10 – Paul O’Flynn (Courtwood)A strong forward and an accurate scorer, Paul O’Flynn scored a total of 1-4 in this years Minor final from half forward.Like Little above, he will graduate to the Courtwood seniors in 2020 where he will join older brother Sean.11 – Ross Meredith (Emo)Ross Meredith, middleThe Emo man is an intelligent player who caused Ballyroan-Abbey problems all day in the Minor final and throughout the course of the championship.He is eligible to play at this grade again next year and his scoring power is very strong.12 – Oisín Hooney (St. Josephs)The St. Joseph’s forward was an excellent player for club and county last year and is well deserving of his inclusion here.St Joseph’s won the B league and pushed eventual champions Emo-Courtwood all the way in the semi final.13 – Brian Whelan (Ballyroan-Abbey)The Ballyroan-Abbey man was their full forward and their main scoring threat throughout the campaign.He was one of their most consistent performers throughout the year and will be a big asset to Ballyroan-Abbey at senior level in 2020.14 – Paddy Hosey (Emo)Hosey contributed three points from play in this year’s Minor final and his overall influence throughout the game and the whole year was invaluable for Emo-Courtwood.He also played in the U-20 finals in both codes, winning the football with Courtwood-Emo but losing with Raheen Parish Gaels.15 – Josh O’Brien (St.Josephs)The final player of our Team of the year is Josephs forward Josh O’Brien.After a bad knee injury kept him out for the end of last year, O’Brien returned and scored well for them throughout the championship and was a key player to their team that just fell in the semi-Final stage to Emo-Courtwood.SEE ALSO – Introducing the 2018 LaoisToday Minor football Team of the Year TAGSBallyroan-AbbeyCourtwoodEmoEmo-Courtwoodminor football championshipMinor football team of the yearPortlaoiseSt Joseph’s By LaoisToday Reporter – 25th December 2019 Pinterestcenter_img Twitter Twitter Facebook Bizarre situation as Ben Brennan breaks up Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael arrangement to take Graiguecullen-Portarlington vice-chair role News WhatsApp Electric Picnic Laois Councillor ‘amazed’ at Electric Picnic decision to apply for later date for 2021 festival Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival date Previous article2019 Remembered: Laois man launches fundraiser to help homeless friend get a homeNext article2019 Remembered: 22 unforgettable things about the night club at Pedigree Corner LaoisToday Reporter last_img read more

Letters to the editor: Advice and fees

first_img Related news IE Staff Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Assante offering free advice to those hit by crisis Re: Inside Track: Death of a Salesman, investmentexecutive.com, August 25, 2014. It’s critical that we deal with the hard facts rather than fiction when it comes to consumers receiving investment advice from their professional financial advisor. Budget proposal aims to help low-income earners access advicecenter_img Keywords Letters to the editor,  Value of advice Bespoke advice becoming more important in changing industry According to the PwC July 2014 report, Sound Advice: Insights into Canada’s Financial Advice Industry, of the 100,000 advisors in Canada, which include those with CFP and CLU designations, only 450 are fee-only advisors. These individuals make the move to the fee-only model after a decade or more in the industry, and when their client base reflects such a need. Another fact, clients with small to medium-sized portfolios may actually pay higher fees if the current mutual fund fee model were to remove consumer choice and operate from a fee-only platform. The focus should be on ensuring that consumers have access to professional financial advice, not on how they pay for it. Why not allow consumers to choose based on their needs? Change is coming so let’s make decisions based on fact. To do otherwise, would be irresponsible. We must ensure that facts guide the evolution of our profession. Advocis is the professional association for all financial advisors, including those who hold CFPs and other professional designations, and remains committed to reforms that are based on fact. Consumers and our profession deserve nothing less. Greg Pollock President and CEO, Advocis Re: New fee regime nixed by regulator, Investment Executive, September 2014 I am writing to you as a consumer and as an investor and strictly from that perspective. Let me be blunt. Fees should either be negotiated between the provider and recipient of a service or should be posted in dollar (not percentage) amounts in reasonable proportion to the extent and value of the service. It may be reasonable for a dealer to post and charge a fee of $1.50 to e-mail me or to provide me with an online link to my account statements. On the other hand, when their “service” to me amounts to no more than provision of account statements and the occasional or regular marketing piece(s), I view a charge of 1% on my $750,000 portfolio ($7,500) as exorbitant and disproportionately beyond even the extreme of what may be remotely reasonable. I wouldn’t mind paying $2,000 for professional review, analysis, report and recommendations on my portfolio by an advisor who I select based on his/her knowledge, experience, compatibility, etc. However, it is to be noted that it is the advisor who is rendering the service, not the dealer. The dealer is merely a wholesaler of product, and as such bears the responsibility to fully and completely disclose all facts and information, including updates, related to the product and account; full stop… at least from my perspective. That’s a wholesaling and warehouse administration function by the dealer. The dealers’ charges should reasonably reflect the functions that it performs. The payment of a percentage of account fee to the dealer — whether directly or indirectly — is unjustified and removes funds from the table, funds that are better allocated to compensate professional advisors for well researched and diligent professional work. Just my blunt opinion as a consumer and as an investor. Please note that I am not, and have never been, involved in the sale of investment stocks or mutual funds. I am, however, an investor in such instruments and my views are biased and from the perspective of an investor. Ami Maishlish Markham, Ont. Share this article and your comments with peers on social medialast_img read more

TSX little changed amid Chinese growth, falling crude

first_img Keywords Marketwatch Malcolm Morrison S&P/TSX composite hits highest close since March on strength of financials sector TSX gets lift from financials, U.S. markets rise to highest since March Toronto stock market dips on weakness in the energy and financials sectors Facebook LinkedIn Twittercenter_img Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Related news The Toronto stock market closed little changed as better than expected Chinese economic data for the last quarter helped take some of the sting out of a global economic downgrade by the International Monetary Fund. Energy stocks continued to weigh on the Toronto Stock Exchange as crude prices fell further and the S&P/TSX composite index declined 4.06 points to 14,308.44. China’s gross domestic product growth topped expectations the fourth quarter, rising 7.3 per cent. Full-year growth came in at 7.4 per cent. It was the weakest expansion in nearly a quarter century but raised hopes for intervention by the Chinese government. “We’re actually seeing these numbers as fairly encouraging (as) we saw signs of stabilization in Chinese growth,” said Jean-Francois Dion, portfolio manager at RBC Dominion Securities. “I think we’re seeing increasing likelihood of some kind of stimulus coming out of China over the next few months or so, which would be welcome.” The Canadian dollar fell to its lowest level since late April 2009, down 1.1 cents to 82.6 cents US a day before the Bank of Canada makes its next interest rate announcement. Investors also digested Statistics Canada data that showed manufacturing sales fell 1.4 per cent in November to $51.5 billion. Analysts had expected a smaller decline of 0.7 per cent. U.S. indexes were positive amid an earnings miss from investment bank Morgan Stanley. The Dow Jones industrials added 3.66 points to 17,515.23, while the Nasdaq was up 20.47 points at 4,654.85 and the S&P 500 index rose 3.13 points to 2,022.55. Morgan Stanley reported fourth-quarter earnings ex-items came in at 40 cents a share, seven cents less than analysts forecast and its shares slipped 0.4 per cent to US$34.75. Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund lowered its forecasts for global growth over the next two years, warning that persistent weakness in most major economies will outweigh the boost from lower oil prices. It lowered the projections it issued in October by 0.3 of a percentage point and now forecasts global growth at 3.5 per cent this year and 3.7 per cent in 2016. The TSX energy sector was the lead decliner, down 2.4 per cent as March crude fell $2.66 to US$46.47 a barrel. Other decliners included consumer staples and financials. The base metals sector gained 2.15 per cent while March copper dropped two cents to US$2.59 a pound. However, gold prices continued to climb with the February contract ahead $17.30 to US$1,294.20 an ounce and the gold sector ran ahead 4.2 per cent. Traders also have high hopes for the European Central Bank, which is expected to unveil on Thursday a major program of quantitative easing involving the massive purchase of government bonds in a bid to increase inflationary pressures. Economic growth has been tepid and there have been worries that the region could fall prey to deflation, a situation where businesses and consumers hold off on purchases in the hope that items will just get cheaper. Dion added that markets will be very disappointed if the ECB fails to live up to expectations. “There’s a lot of optimism and enthusiasm out there and most investors I think expect something fairly significant to be announced. So it would be major disappointment to many out there if it wasn’t the case.”last_img read more

Tropical Depression Tomas moving slowly – Hurricane Watch still in effect

first_imgRelatedArchives Critical to Jamaica’s History Advertisements RelatedTropical Depression Tomas moving slowly – Hurricane Watch still in effect FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail A Hurricane Watch remains in effect for Jamaica as Tropical Depression Tomas is expected to re-strengthen today and tomorrow and then move close to the island. This means that hurricane conditions still pose a possible threat within 48 hours.At 7:00 a.m. the centre of Tropical Depression Tomas was located near Latitude 13.7 degrees North, Longitude 75.8 degrees West; about 490 km (300 miles) south of Morant Point, Jamaica or 660 km (410 miles) southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.Tomas is now moving towards the west near 7 km/h (5 mph). A turn towards the northwest, north and then north-northeast is expected over the next 48 hours.Maximum sustained winds are near 55 km/h (35 mph), with higher gusts; however, re-strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours.Based on the current forecast track, Tropical Depression Tomas could begin to produce increased rainfall across Jamaica, starting with southern and eastern parishes, as early as this evening, increasing on Thursday and Friday as the system moves closer. Increases in wind speed will begin later in this cycle and could peak with near-hurricane force winds over eastern sections of the island on Friday.All small craft operators, including fishers from the cays and banks, should by now be in port and are urged to complete their necessary safety precautions without delay.The Meteorological Service continues to monitor the progress of this system, and all interests should pay special attention to further Releases.center_img Tropical Depression Tomas moving slowly – Hurricane Watch still in effect InformationNovember 3, 2010 RelatedTropical Depression Tomas moving slowly – Hurricane Watch still in effectlast_img read more

Liberty Global wraps Sunrise deal

first_img Kavit joined Mobile World Live in May 2015 as Content Editor. He started his journalism career at the Press Association before joining Euromoney’s graduate scheme in April 2010. Read More >> Read more Liberty GlobalSunrise Tags Kavit Majithia Author Luz verde a la fusión entre Telefónica y Liberty Global en el Reino Unido Telefonica, Liberty Global to finalise UK merger AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 12 NOV 2020 Liberty Global eyes edge move with Digital Colony JV Home Liberty Global wraps Sunrise deal Related Liberty Global completed its acquisition of Sunrise, taking control of 98 per cent of the Swiss operator’s shares after securing all the regulatory approvals and fulfilling purchase conditions.In a statement, Liberty Global said it would now proceed with a squeeze-out procedure to delist Sunrise shares from the Swiss stock exchange, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Liberty Global group.The CHF6.8 billion ($7.4 billion) deal was announced in August: completion was expected to be imminent after Switzerland’s Federal Communications Commission cleared the move last week, finding no competition concerns.Rival Salt Mobile had challenged the deal, arguing it breached the terms of a joint venture with Sunrise unveiled earlier this year.Liberty Global will now combine its existing Swiss cable operation, UPC Switzerland with Sunrise as part of an ambition to create a “fixed mobile champion across Europe”.Both businesses will operate independently until the integration of the two companies is completed in early 2021.“By bringing together UPC’s leading gigabit broadband network and the most advanced 5G network of Sunrise, the combined company will provide seamless connectivity for millions of Swiss consumers and thousands of Swiss businesses,” said Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries in a statement. Subscribe to our daily newsletter Back Previous ArticleRakuten Mobile doubles down on network investmentNext ArticleCellnex inks €10B Europe deal with CK Hutchison last_img read more

Brawl of the Wild

first_imgIt’s rarely tough to get Montanans fired up for the annual intra-state football showdown between the University of Montana and Montana State University, a game that divides the state, its cities and even some dining room tables into Griz or Cats country.But this year’s 119th edition, which kicks off at noon on Nov. 23 in Bozeman, packs a little extra punch anyway, with the Grizzlies (No. 3) and Bobcats (No. 8) both ranked in the top eight in the country for the first time since 2011.To get ready for Saturday, we took a look at the local players suiting up for this year’s matchup, at a Bobcats senior who’s never lost one of these games, and at the rivalry’s modest 19th-century beginnings. Consider it a little appetizer to enjoy ahead of Saturday’s main course, which will be televised across the state on Root Sports.________________________________________________The first University of Montana football team in 1897. Courtesy of University of Montana AthleticsThe Humble Beginnings of a Storied RivalryLooking back at the inaugural Cat-Griz football game in 1897By MYERS REECEOn Thanksgiving Day in 1897, the University of Montana hosted the Agricultural College of the State of Montana in the first game of what would become a storied cross-state football rivalry.READ MORE>>>________________________________________________Josh Sandry points at a teammate during the University of Montana intra-squad spring game at Legends Stadium on April 13, 2019. Greg Lindstrom | Flathead BeaconLocal ShowcaseA breakdown of the 17 players from Northwest Montana who are on the MSU and UM rostersBy ANDY VIANOThis year’s Cat-Griz game will have a decidedly Northwest Montana feel, with 17 players on the two teams’ rosters who hail from this part of the state.READ MORE>>>________________________________________________Josh Hill of the Montana State University Bobcats competes in a game against the Southern Utah Thunderbirds in Bobcat Stadium on Nov. 2, 2019. Hill is a Glacier High School graduate. Photo by Dean HendricksonQ&A with Josh HillThe MSU linebacker and Glacier High School alum talks about preparing for ‘Montana’s Super Bowl’By ANDY VIANOStep back from the fervor of rivalry week and one might be surprised to realize that the 119th edition of the Brawl of the Wild doesn’t really register to people in any of the country’s other 49 states.That doesn’t mean the Cat-Griz showdown can’t acquire a few out-of-state converts.READ MORE>>> Stay Connected with the Daily Roundup. Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of the Beacon delivered every day to your inbox. Emaillast_img read more

Donegal LAG to receive €500,000 in funding

first_img Journey home will be easier – Paul Hegarty Harps come back to win in Waterford AudioHomepage BannerNews News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Twitter WhatsApp Previous articleDonegal Deputy condemns FF colleagues voting controversyNext article32 people waiting on a bed at LUH this morning News Highland Derry draw with Pats: Higgins & Thomson Reaction Donegal Local Action Group is to be offered an additional €500,000 in funding.The Minister for Rural and Community Development, announced today the distribution of €5 million in additional funding for ten areas that are most advanced in the delivery of the LEADER Programme.The funding is in addition to the existing budget of €220 million already available to LAGs.Chair of the Donegal Local Community Development Committee Councillor Martin McDermott says it is a welcome boost for the county:Audio Playerhttp://www.highlandradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/mcdermott1pm-2.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Google+ Twitter Pinterestcenter_img Donegal LAG to receive €500,000 in funding RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Google+ DL Debate – 24/05/21 By News Highland – October 21, 2019 FT Report: Derry City 2 St Pats 2 Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp Facebooklast_img read more

News / Bullish CEVA boss is ‘hoping for the best’

first_img“The recapitalisation created some noise in the marketplace, a good deal of which was unfair and inaccurate and propagated by our competitors,” he said.“We spent a lot of time talking to our customers – everything we said was completely accurate. We fulfilled all of our obligations to our customers, and we successfully recapitalised without disrupting our business. Our customers saw it as a positive transaction for us.”He said CEVA had won several new key contracts, proving market confidence.“The logistics marketplace sees CEVA as having an improved position, and we have had a series of very significant wins in the market – business captured from existing players. This indicates that the supply chain marketplace recognises CEVA is a much stronger entity and has solid financial foundations.”However, sources close to CEVA indicated that its weak financial position has had a negative effect on the company.One senior manager, who recently left the company, said: “There is a limit on investment – there has been a clampdown. It’s hard to grow in a region when investment is constrained. If I was a customer I’d be concerned.”One of the problems, admit company sources, is that CEVA has not invested sufficient amounts in IT.“The reality is that CEVA still hasn’t got a global freight management system, but it needs one to compete. Some rivals have better technology,” said one source.But Mr Schlanger said that CEVA was now ready to invest. “IT is where we have to grow; we can accelerate there. Some of our products are very competitive – our supply chain track and trace product, for example. But our future strategy is going to include more investment in IT – we are willing to commit.”He added: “In the contract logistics industry we have a solution design capability as good as any – we are in the top 10% as a supplier of contract logistics solutions. And we have a global footprint in freight management. We can sit with the customer and talk end-to-end supply chain solutions from any place to any place. That’s our value proposition.”The concern is that fierce competition in the forwarding industry will allow companies with deeper pockets to invest more or to lower their pricing to attract customers. Dick Armstrong, analyst at Armstrong & Associates, explained: “CEVA continues to have good opportunities and it has made some expenditure to improve operations and be more competitive. But the competition isn’t sitting still, so the likes of DHL, Schenker and Panalpina are going to keep the pressure on, especially in the automotive space.”Other sources have questioned whether CEVA is losing too much industry expertise, with growing forwarders such as Norbert Dentressangle taking on many former CEVA staff. But one company source said new expertise was being recruited.“CEVA has already lost a lot of experience – but there seems to be an inexhaustible supply of ex-DHL people coming in.”With Mr Pattullo – in name at least  – advising the company, both customers and staff are likely to have increased confidence, despite management changes which have left significant “holes” in the senior team.But Mr Schlanger argued that there was no problem in retaining management, and that the company was engaged in “active searches” for any remaining senior positions.“Most important for me and the company is to ensure we have the right candidates,” he said, “it’s not only for the job today but for bigger things. The most important thing is to find the right people rather than sticking to a timeframe.  Finding quality is the most important.”He also believed that whatever the economic outlook, CEVA would find success.“I need to create a profitable enterprise in any environment we are in. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. We have a very modest view on market recovery. If it’s more robust, then great, but the management team is focused on making sure that CEVA is successful in any environment.”With a significant automotive contract up for renewal towards the end of this year, time will tell whether CEVA really has secured the confidence of its customers. By Alex Lennane 04/09/2013 Former CEO John Pattullo has resigned as non-executive director to CEVA and become a ‘special adviser’ to the board, which could be a step towards reassuring the troubled freight company’s customers and staff.While many staff felt short-changed by private equity owner Apollo Global Management, with which current CEVA CEO Marvin Schlanger is closely associated, Mr Pattullo appears to have a loyal following among employees. He also has considerable experience in the freight industry, while Mr Schlanger is a relative novice.Mr Pattullo left the company in October last year, but retained a role as a non-executive director until August, when he was given his new role.CEVA is battling to rebuild its reputation following its financial recaptialisation this year. But Mr Schlanger, in an interview with The Loadstar, said he believed customers had complete confidence in the strength of the organisation.last_img read more